Can everyone wear Animal Prints?

Top styling advice from Clair Praom

This season A/W16, we have seen a lot of animal prints from the fashion designers like Burberry,  Moschino, Givenchy, Victoria Beckham, Michael Kors, Cavalli, Jimmy Choo and Gucci.

Animal prints bring exotism & edge to your wardrobe. Most strong women have loved them over the years; think Marilyn Monroe, Jacky Kennedy, Kate Moss, Anna Wintour and Michelle Obama to list a few.

1. Snake prints

This autumn, everything goes from leopard prints, zebras, tigers to “snake” prints! So you’ve got choice, just make sure it’s the right colour for you. If it doesn’t suit your colouring, you can go for a skirt or some accessories so don’t despair!

2. Be discreet?

It can be dressed up or down and if you don’t feel comfortable wearing a full outfit go for a pair of shoes, some gloves, a clutch or handbag. It will still bring some vavavoom to your outfit by “respecting” your more d
iscreet Style Personality.

I personally think you can have a lot of fun with animal prints and it’s pretty seasonless as well as timeless  so if you see something in the shop that’s of great quality and you totally love, go for it because I guarantee you’ll regret it if you don’t get it.

3. If you're petite or tall

If you’re petite, make sure the prints are in scale with your petite frame otherwise all we’ll see is the outfit.

At the opposite if you are tall and a bigger frame then choose the right size of print details otherwise the outfit will make you look bigger. Combine your dress or coat with slimmer neutrals colours.

4. Do they suit larger women?

I’ve been asked recently if animal prints suit larger women and my answer is yes.

One, because I refuse to dictate what women should wear but also because there is a preconceived idea that prints or designs are not slimming. Combined in the right way, patterns/prints/colours can make you look slimmer. It’s all about creating an illusion.

The only thing to remember is to keep it simple so it doesn’t look too much or cheap.

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