Stay Beautiful Swindon

Oh no! The Party Season & Winter Weather!....Fear not, Lush is here!

These top products that will see you through the winter cold and keep you beautiful this December! And yes, guys, we're talking to you too!

As you may have already guessed, we’re massive fans of Lush here at Swindon Shop and Style! And with the bitter weather beginning to bite, it’s the perfect time to stop by and stock up on those fail-safe products that will keep you in tiptop condition this Christmas season.

Whether you’re after skincare or a cheeky bath time treat, we’ve got all the bases covered - even a fantastic product to help you sleep, party-goers. Now, how useful is that at this time of year!...

Sleepy Body Lotion
£7.95 for 95g (Vegan)

There’s been a fair bit of hype surrounding this product, and we can definitely see why after taking it for a spin. Made with a blend of oatmeal, lavender flower and organic cocoa butter, this lotion moisturises beautifully, whilst giving the skin a sultry sheen. Perfect to combat against dryness! Plus the smell is irresistible- it’s been said to help calm the mind before bed, with plenty of insomniacs swearing that sleepy aids a decent night’s sleep. What’s not to love?

Ultrabland Cleanser
£7.95 for 45g (Vegetarian)

Possibly THE most versatile Lush product ever. Made with lashings of almond oil, rose wax and honey, its gentle enough to use even on the most sensitive of skins, whilst removing every scrap of dirt or make up. It’s that good. It’s also super softening for the skin, and can be used in so many ways- apply it to your lips or dry patches as a balm, onto new tattoos to soothe irritation, or even to combat hair dye marks around your head. In short, it’s really handy to have one of these in your handbag.

Salted Coconut Hand Scrub
£7.95 for 130g (Vegan)

Are those pesky winter winds drying out your poor hands? We’ve been getting ours back to their best with this lovely little hand scrub. Containing a blend of sugar and sea salt, this product can be used on wet or dry hands, depending on how thorough you want your exfoliation. Coconut oil and cupuacu butter hydrate the skin, and leave your hands soft and supple. Coconut fans, you’re gonna love it!

Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb
£4.50 (Vegetarian)

We love a tonic at this time of year - usually with G to go with it! But this IS the perfect tonic to the grizzly weather!

Not only does this bath bomb look amazing, but it also smells heavenly- it has a honey aroma that can prove fairly addictive. The gold stars contain tonnes of cocoa butter, which moisturise your skin as you soak. You can even go wild and massage the stars into your skin for optimum skin hydration. As with all Lush bath bombs, the water will inevitably change colour- this little number will transform your tub into a deep cobalt blue, with plenty of shimmers and sparkles.

Man in the Moon Bubble Bar
£5.95 (Vegan)

How cute is this little fella? Watch him transform your bath water into a beautiful green hue, with a lovely scent of lime and neroli. Crumble the bar under a hot running tap, swish the water around with your hands and hey presto - lots of frothy bubbles! A great pressie idea, too!